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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

About FERC Offices Office of External Affairs

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Government Affairs Division

The Division of Government Affairs is the Commission's liaison with the Congress and Federal government departments and agencies. It is responsible for developing and maintaining an effective working relationship with the Senate, the House of Representatives, Congressional committees and Committee staff, and Federal government departments and agencies.

Major areas of responsibilities are:

  1. Manages the presentation of the Commission's legislative and budgetary programs before congressional appropriations and authorizing committees.

  2. Advises and assists Commission members and staff in preparing for appearances before congressional committees. Coordinates and reviews the preparation of Commission testimony submitted to Congress, prepares briefing materials for Commission witnesses, coordinates the preparation of responses to pre- and post-hearing questions for the record and reviews transcripts of FERC-related congressional hearings.

  3. Provides information on Commission programs and activities to members of Congress and staff and arranges for formal and informal briefings in response to congressional requests.

  4. Advises the Chairman, the Commissioners and staff on congressional actions affecting the Commission and provides guidance on the most effective responses.

  5. Compiles legislative history materials for congressionally enacted legislation which affects Commission programs and activities.

  6. Reviews and maintains files on congressional correspondence.

  7. Builds communication and promotes cooperation with each Federal agency that interacts with the Commission.

  8. Serves as an information resource for the Commission on relevant decisions, issues and activities of other government agencies.

  9. Coordinates Commission participation in activities, seminars, hearings, conferences and workshops sponsored by other Federal agencies, commissions and departments.

  10. Assists in expediting the processing of permits, licenses and certificates and other activities involving coordination with other Federal agencies and commissions involved in the Commissions processes by developing strong working relationships and communication between the Commission and these agencies.