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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

About FERC Offices Office of External Affairs

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Administration & Operations Staff

The Administration and Operations Staff is responsible for providing and coordinating the administrative, personnel and management support services; prepares special ad hoc studies, analyses and/or reports as required; and provides advisory and implementation support in the development of policy and procedures encompassing any of the OEA program responsibilities.

Major areas of responsibilities are:

  1. Review the requirements for administrative resources such as personnel, equipment, supplies and other support services.

  2. Provide coordination of work activities that require separate input from multiple Divisions, such as the annual budget and procurement calls and establishment and realignment of the budget and reporting codes.

  3. Coordinate all requests for personnel actions and personnel related matters such as performance standards, performance appraisals, awards, adverse actions and time and attendance reporting. Assist staff in preparing necessary paperwork and ensure that paperwork is completed accurately and timely.

  4. Develop and administer the Office’s human capital program.

  5. Coordinate budget preparation including planning, review and timely completion. Consolidate and prepare travel, training and administrative budgets.

  6. Monitor all budget expenditures for administrative and program operations and prepare financial forecasts and reports for management depicting information on allocations and expenditures.

  7. Manage and coordinate the Management Controls Program to ensure that management controls are reviewed systematically, evaluated for weaknesses and tested for adequacy, and coordinate necessary actions to strengthen control mechanisms. Conduct management control evaluation on the administrative operations.

  8. Develop, coordinate and implement administrative policies and procedures to ensure a smooth and efficient administrative work flow.

  9. Oversee the maintenance of an accurate and up-to-date inventory of accountable property assigned to office staff and monitor the data entry in the computerized inventory system.

  10. Monitor position ceilings and staffing controls.

  11. Oversee the efficient utilization of space and the development of space requirements. Such duties include the layout and design of offices, relocation of personnel, the installation of telephone equipment, the installation and location of computer equipment, and the coordination of changes with appropriate offices.

  12. Conduct special studies, prepare internal reports and make recommendations to the Office Director and other management officials.

  13. Provide records and files management assistance.