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Office of Enforcement (OE)

Larry R. Parkinson, Director
Lee Ann Watson, Deputy Director
Roger Morie, Reliability Enforcement Counsel

Administration Staff, Denice Smith, Chief

Division of Investigations:
Geof Hobday, Acting Director
Courtney Spivey Urschel, Deputy Director

    Investigations Branch 1, Demetra Anas, Chief
    Investigations Branch 2, Jay Matson, Chief
    Investigations Branch 3, Nicole Brisker, Chief
    Investigations Branch 4, Gabriel Sterling, Chief

Division of Audits and Accounting:
Bryan Craig, Director and Chief Accountant
Timothy Smith, Deputy Director
Steven Hunt, Supv. Deputy Chief Accountant
Stephen Flanagan, Sr. Economist

    Audits Branch 1, Nicholas Coughlin, Chief
    Audits Branch 2, Christopher Handy, Chief
    Audits Branch 3, Sylvia Anderson, Chief
    Audits Branch 4, Brian Harrington, Chief
    Regulatory Accounting Branch, Gerald Williams, Chief

Division of Energy Market Oversight:
Janel Burdick, Director
Melissa Lozano, Deputy Director
Christopher Ellsworth, Sr. Market Advisor
MaryBeth Tighe, Sr. Market Advisor
Laura Vallance, Legal Counsel to the Director

    Market Oversight Branch 1, Donald Callow, Chief
    Market Oversight Branch 2, Erin Mastrangelo, Chief
    Market Oversight Branch 3, Eric Krall, Chief
    Market Oversight Branch 4, Adam Bednarczyk, Chief

Division of Analytics and Surveillance:
Sean Collins, Director
Jamie Marcos Deputy Director
Timothy Helwick, Attorney

    Analytics and Surveillance Branch 1, Thomas Pinkston, Chief
    Analytics and Surveillance Branch 2, Nancy Bowler, Chief
    Analytics and Surveillance Branch 3, Benjamin Jarrett, Chief
    Analytics and Surveillance Branch 4, Steven Reich, Chief
    Analytics and Surveillance Branch 5, Felice Richter, Chief
    Analytics and Surveillance Branch 6, John Miller, Chief
    Analytics and Surveillance Branch 7, Sean Collins, Acting Chief

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