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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

About FERC Offices Office of Enforcement

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Administration Staff

The Administration Staff directs the strategic planning, human resources, and administrative operations of the Office of Enforcement (OE).


  • Coordinates OE's strategic management activities, including:

    • Coordinates with OE's Divisions and Office of the Executive Director (OED) on the development of a Commission-wide strategic plan and OE's GPRA compliance.

    • Prepares OE's portion of the Commission's OMB and Congressional budget requests and justifications.

    • Monitors all budget expenditures and prepares reports for management on allocations, year-to-date expenditures, and forecasts (manage-to-budget).

    • Prepares and updates OE's business plan.

  • Coordinates human resources management and development for OE, including:

    • Coordinates OE's Human Capital Plan, including the Hiring (Recruiting) Plan, with OE's Divisions and OED.

    • Implements OE's Recruiting Plan including defining individual positions identified on the Hiring Plan and advertising positions in such a way as to identify excellent candidates.

    • Develops and oversees OE's mentoring program, including new employee orientation and career development for current employees.

    • Provides career development for OE employees through development of a training schedule including both outside and inside programs. Assists OE's Divisions on developing and presenting the inside programs.

    • Coordinates with OE's Divisions on the development of Individual Development Plans for staff.

    • Administers OE's performance appraisal review and award process.

    • Maintains OE's Employee Personnel database.

    • Administers OE's human resources programs such as Student Loan/Tuition Reimbursement, Leave Administration, Alternate Work Schedule, and Flexiplace.

  • Provides administrative support for OE, including:

    • Coordinates with OE's Divisions and OED on the procurement of resources, including subscriptions, publications, information technology, and other services.

    • Administers OE's travel authorization program, including travel, speech, and conference approvals.

    • Coordinates with OE's Divisions and OED on the development and use of information technology in the office, including the Market Monitoring Center.

    • Coordinates office logistics, including space, phones, computers, property inventory and emergency procedures.