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Office of Administrative Law Judges and Dispute Resolution (OALJDR)

Carmen A. Cintron, Chief Judge


    Philip C. Baten
    David H. Coffman
    John P. Dring
    Patricia M. French
    Steven A. Glazer
    Patricia Hurt
    Suzanne Krolikowski
    Jennifer Long
    Andrea McBarnette
    Stephanie Nagel
    Steven Sterner
    H. Peter Young

Supervisory Attorney, Andrew Satten

Attorney Advisors/Law Clerks

    Ryan Bruno
    Karen Cleland
    Elizabeth Doherty
    Shereen Panahi
    Brianna Sinclair
    Evan Steiner

Energy Industry Analysts

    Matthew O. Murray
    Olubode Sanni (Accounting)

Martha E. Altamar, Administration and Operations Manager

ALJ Front Office Staff

    Susie Waller, Adminstrative Officer

    Management and Program Analyst:
    Shaun M. Dempsey-Miller

    Management Analyst:
    Lakeshia Awatefe

    Paralegal Specialists:
    Samantha Carolina
    Kerri Gilkey
    Gloria T. Smith
    Patricia Smith

Paralegal and Legal Assistants/Specialists

    Hazel M.S. Anderson
    Adrian Gause
    Marshina Griffin
    Janine Leath

Dispute Resolution Service

    Joshua M. Hurwitz, Director
    Stephen J. Williams, Dep. Director

    Jeffrey Hoyle

    Paralegal Specialist:
    Hazel M.S. Anderson

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