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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

About FERC Offices Office of Administrative Law Judges and Dispute Resolution (OALJDR)

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Office of Administrative Law Judges and Dispute Resolution (OALJDR)

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What We Do

  • Resolve contested cases as directed by the Commission effectively, efficiently and expeditiously, either through impartial hearing and decision or through negotiated settlement, ensuring that the rights of all parties are preserved.
  • Conduct fair and impartial investigations as directed by the Commission.
  • Perform various Administrative Dispute Resolution (ADR) procedures as directed by the Commission, including mediation, arbitration, facilitation, and acting as settlement judge in a neutral, confidential, expeditious and efficient manner, ensuring that all parties are heard to the extent they desire; and
  • Perform ADR functions to bring interested parties engaged in disputes together to promote consensual decision-making and promote the use of ADR.

The Dispute Resolution Service is a neutral unit. The Dispute Resolution Service provides alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services for parties engaged in FERC-related disputes as well as outreach services and training related to ADR. Learn more about Dispute Resolution Service.

OALJDR Organization Chart
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    Office of Administrative Law Judges Organization Chart