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Office of Administrative Litigation

Nils Nichols, Office Director

Nils Nichols is the Director of the Office of Administrative Litigation at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. Prior to recently assuming that role, Nils was the Commissionís Director of the Division of Pipeline Regulation, which advises the Commission on the regulation of the natural gas and oil pipeline industries under various statutes, including the Natural Gas Act and Interstate Commerce Act.

Previously, Nils served as Director of the Commissionís Dispute Resolution Service, which provides mediation, negotiation, and facilitation services to parties engaged in disputes. Nils also served as legal advisor to Chairman Joseph Kelliher and before that to Chairman James Hoecker. During his career at the Commission, Nils has worked in the Office of the General Counsel, with a specialty in environmental law and natural gas pipeline certificate issues. He is the author of The NEPA Caselaw Digest, published by the American Bar Association.

Prior to joining FERC, Nils was a partner in Conner & Wetterhahn, P.C. in Washington, D.C., primarily representing investor-owned electric utilities. He began his legal career as a clerk at the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals.