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Office of Administrative Litigation

Ted Gerarden, Director

Ted Gerarden is the Director of the Office of Administrative Litigation, which represents the public interest in hearings and settlements of contested proceedings. Previously Mr. Gerarden worked in the Commissionís Office of Enforcement, where he was instrumental in developing the Commissionís enforcement policies and in investigating violations of the Commissionís rules and requirements. Mr. Gerarden resolved more than 30 cases in which companies paid more than $60 million in civil penalties and more than $12 million in disgorgement of unjust profits.

Prior to joining the Commission in 2003, Mr. Gerarden was the Director of the Office of the Consumer Advocate at the Postal Rate Commission, where he represented the public in postal rate and service classification cases before that agency. Mr. Gerarden has more than 30 yearsí experience in energy regulation, both in government and private practice.

Previously Mr. Gerarden clerked for a United States district judge, was a prosecutor and appellate attorney, and worked for the Federal Energy Administration and the Department of Energy in its formative years. He is a native of Connecticut and a graduate of Georgetown University and the Georgetown University Law Center.

Ted Gerarden, Director
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Updated: February 11, 2011