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  Workshop September 20-21, 2011  
  Conferences - Workshop September 20-21, 2011
Event Name: Workshop
Start Date: Tuesday, September 20, 2011
End Date: Wednesday, September 21, 2011
Summary: FERC staff to convene a workshop on Northwest Fish Passage Training and Facilities (Portland, OR)
Description: The workshop will address upstream and downstream fish passage facility design development for Pacific Northwest hydroelectric projects, and discuss newly constructed fish passage facilities at FERC licensed projects. The first day of the workshop will focus on upstream fish passage facility and component design development and criteria including integrating biomechanical ability; fish behavior; hydraulic design; and power operations to provide upstream passage. The downstream fish passage component will focus on design development and criteria for exclusion screen and bypass systems, turbine and spillway passage, and surface and reservoir collection including monitoring and evaluations of fish passage facilities. The second day of the workshop will include various panel discussions composed of FERC licensees with newly installed fish passage facilities and the processes that ultimately led to the design and installation of their respective facilities.

You may also visit http://www.ferc.gov/industries/hydropower/enviro/fish-passage.asp for more information.

Title : Northwest Fish Passage Training and Facilities Workshop
* Start Time :
End Time :
Location : Portland, OR
Contact : Erich Gaedeke
Contact Telephone : 503-552-2716
Registration :
Contact Email : erich.gaedeke@ferc.gov
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