(March 17, 2011)

The Commission acted on the following items at the March 17, 2011 Commission Meeting:

Item #Docket #Company
E-1ER03-563-066Devon Power LLC
E-3 NP10-18-000North American Electric Reliability Corporation
E-4 RM09-18-001Revision to Electric Reliability Organization Definition of Bulk Electric System
E-5 RM11-14-000Analysis of Horizontal Market Power Under the Federal Power Act
E-6RM10-16-000System Restoration Reliability Standards
E-7 RM10-10-000Planning Resource Adequacy Assessment Reliability Standard
E-8RM10-15-000Mandatory Reliability Standards for Interconnection Reliability Operating Limits
E-9RM09-19-000Western Electric Coordinating Council Qualified Transfer Path Unscheduled Flow Relief Regional Reliability Standard
E-10 RR09-6-003North American Electric Reliability Corporation
E-12 ER11-2256-000California Independent System Operator Corporation
E-13 EL08-47-006PJM Interconnection L.L.C.
E-14EL11-12-000Idaho Wind Parters 1, LLC
E-15 EL10-1-001Southern California Edison Company
E-16 EL10-84-002CAlifornians for Renewable Energy, Inc., v. Pacific Gas and Electric Company, Southern California Edison Company, San Diego Gas & Electric Company, and the California Public Utilities Commission
G-2 RP11-1495-002Ozark Gas Transmission, L.L.C.
G-3 RP10-315-002Columbia Gulf Transmission Company
G-4 OR07-7-000Tesoro Refining & Marketing Company v. Calnev Pipeline LLC
 OR07-18-000America West Airlines, Inc. and US Airways, Inc., Chevron Products Company, Continental Airlines, Inc., Northwest Airlines, Inc., Southwest Airlines, Inc., and Valero Marketing and Supply Company vs.
 OR09-20-000BP West Coast Products LLC, v. Calnev Pipe Line, L.L.C
 OR07-22-000BP West Coast Products, LLC v Calnev Pipe Line LLC
 OR07-19-000ConocoPhillips Company vs. Calnev Pipe Line LLC
 OR09-15-000Tesoro Refining and Marketing Company v. Calnev Pipe Line, L.L.C.
H-1 P-2539-061Erie Boulevard Hydropower, L.P.
H-2 P-2195-025Portland General Electric Company
H-3 P-1390-063Southern California Edison Company
C-2 CP10-492-000Columbia Gas Transmission, LLC
C-4 CP10-22-000Magnum Gas Storage, LLC and Magnum Solutions, LLC
C-5 CP10-486-000Colorado Interstate Gas Company

Kimberly D. Bose
Updated: March 17, 2011, 5:34:40 PM