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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


1. How do I request an filing extension?

Extension requests must be received by FERC prior to the filing deadline to facilitate timely consideration. Extension requests must be in the form of a letter and include the current date, the name of the company requesting an extension, a contact name and telephone number, and the proposed date by which the company will file. The request must clearly state the reason for which the extension is necessary and must be received by FERC prior to the filing deadline. (Source: 18 CFR 385.2008(a), 18 CFR 385.212).

Extensions may be requested by using eFiling. The eFiling procedures can be found at

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2. How can I view Form 1 data on the FERC website?

There are two methods to view the Form 1 data:

1. Please see the Form 1 viewer and historical data that is accessible via our website at

Sample Tariff

2. You may search for individual filings in eLibrary - Users have access to over two million documents related to specific docketed proceedings with over ten million pages through the FERC Website. Read More

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3. How can I get a PIN to file Form 552?

A PIN is not required for the Form 552. Instructions for Filing the Form 552 are available at

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4. What are Forms?

Regulated entities are required to submit information to the Commission in structured filings, or forms. These forms are made available to the public. Some of these reports are filed with the Commission in electronic format, or Forms.

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5. What form and documents may be filed electronically?

See the Complete List of Documents PDF that can be filed electronically.

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6. How are forms filed with the Commission?

Some Forms are filed using Form Submission Software provided by the Commission. We use the Internet to download the software, provide software updates on the user's workstation, and allow submission of forms data via the Internet.

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7. How would I obtain copies of forms that are filed in hard copy?

You can either find the forms in eLibrary or contact the Public Reference Room.

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8. How do I download a FERC Form 1?

You can download FERC Form 1 information by visiting the Form 1 page.

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9. What are the required filing dates for all the Forms?

The required filing dates for Forms are listed in our Forms page.

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