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Electric Power Markets: New York (NYISO)

New York (NYISO) Electric Regions  
New York  (NYISO) Electric Regions  

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    State covered: New York

    Reliability region: New York ISO (NYISO) sub-region of the Northeast Power Coordinating Council (NPCC)
    [NERC regions map PDF]

    Balancing authority: New York ISO (NYISO)

    Load Zones: Capital (Zone F), Central (Zone C), Dunwoodie (Zone I), Genesee (Zone B), Hudson Valley (Zone G), Long Island (Zone K), Millwood (Zone H), Mohawk Valley (Zone E), New York City (Zone J), North (Zone D), West (Zone A)

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    New York ISO (NYISO) (established 1999) operates the region’s power grid and wholesale electric markets:

    • Energy market: two-settlement (day ahead and real-time) spot market with locational marginal pricing,
    • Regional and locational capacity market, and
    • Financial transmission rights market.

    New York ISO 2009 State of the Markets Report PDF External Link

    Market Monitor:
    David Patton – Market Monitoring Unit, Potomac Economics, LTD.

    Also, market participants trade electricity bilaterally through brokers, the IntercontinentalExchange (ICE) and the New York Mercantile Exchange’s (Nymex) ClearPort, using NYISO zones as pricing points. However, bilateral deals that go physical must be scheduled with the ISO.

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    Marginal fuel type: natural gas

    Generating capacity (summer 2006): 39,704 MW

    Capacity reserve (summer 2006): 5,765 MW

    Reserve margin (summer 2006): 17%

    The New York City metropolitan area (NYC) and Long Island (LI) are areas of concentrated demand. Both localities have requirements for installed generating capacity that are more stringent than the rest of the region, to ensure reliability of service.

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    All time peak demand: 33,035 MW (set August 2, 2006)

    In summer of 2006, demand reached record levels on several occasions due to extremely hot weather.

    Peak demand growth: 5.6 % (2006-2005)

      2005 2006 2007 2008 2009
    Summer Peak Demand (MW) 31,011 33,035 31,284 31,540 29,781
    Source: Derived from ISO-NE Data

    Load pockets:  Zone J New York City and Zone K Long Island

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    Annual Average Day-Ahead Price

    Zone J New York City
    2006: $71.28/MWh
    2007: $77.21/MWh
    2008: $96.25/MWh
    2009: $47.08/MWh

    Zone K Long Island
    2006: $86.11/MWh
    2007: $86.86/MWh
    2008: $99.77/MWh
    2009: $50.38/MWh

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Updated: February 26, 2015