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Guide to Market Oversight

The Office of Enforcement is composed of four divisions, one of which is the Division of Energy Market Oversight (DEMO). DEMO serves the public by overseeing the nation's natural gas and electric power markets and related energy and financial markets. DEMO conducts daily oversight of these markets and reports its findings and recommendations to the Commission and the public. This site presents information for the public on natural gas and electric market conditions relevant to the Commission and identifies emerging trends that may soon require the Commission's attention. The content will be updated and additional information will be added as it becomes available.

Reports & Analyses: Reports on key issues affecting natural gas and electric markets.

Energy Primer PDF: A Handbook of Energy Market Basics.

Market Snapshots: Presents information in one easy-to-use PDF document. These Snapshots form a comprehensive report on a variety of market activities.

Electric Power Markets: An understanding of U.S. electricity markets.

Natural Gas Markets: An understanding of U.S. natural gas markets.

Other Markets: An understanding of the other U.S. energy markets.

Questions/Feedback: Contact us anonymously through our Survey or directly by contacting Market Oversight.

Data Sources: List of external links to data sources used for Market Oversight Web material and reports.

Glossary: Brief definitions of certain terms used under Market Oversight.

Acronyms: Most commonly used acronyms under Market Oversight

Updated: February 26, 2015