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Service Center
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The Commission's FOIA Service Center is the first place a FOIA requester may come to seek information concerning the status of their FOIA request and appropriate information about the agency's FOIA response. Service Center number: 202-502-6088.

FOIA Public Liaison
In compliance with the December 14, 2005 Executive Order, the Chief FOIA Office has designated Mary O'Driscoll as the FOIA Public Liaison. A requester can raise concerns about the service the FOIA requester has received from the Center and/or the FOIA response from the Commission by contacting Toyia Johnson via email: foia-ceii@ferc.gov or phone: 202-502-8004.

Chief FOIA Officer
In further compliance with Executive Order 13, 292 issued December 14, 2005, the Commission has designated Leonard Tao, Director of the Office of External Affairs, as Chief FOIA Officer.

Service Center
Telephone: 202-502-6088
Email: foia-ceii@ferc.gov

Toyia Johnson, FOIA Public Liaison
Office of External Affairs
Telephone: 202-502-6088
FAX No.: 202-208-2106

Leonard Tao, Director & Chief FOIA Officer
Office of External Affairs

Kathryn Allen, Legal Contact
General & Administrative Law
Telephone: 202-502-8585
FAX No.: 202-208-0056

888 First Street, NE
Washington, DC 20426

Updated: October 1, 2013