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Risk-Informed Decision Making (RIDM)

Engineering Guidelines for RIDM - Draft

FERC anticipates posting the following new RIDM documents to this web page in early March 2016:

New RIDM Policy Guidance Documents

  • » Chapter 1 – Introduction to Risk-Informed Decision Making
  • » Chapter 2 – Risk Analysis
  • » Chapter 3 – Risk Assessment
  • » Chapter 4 – Risk Management

Other New RIDM Documents

  • » Comment Disposition Summary Table – A table that presents the review comments from external reviewers of the initial draft of the RIDM Policy Documents. The table includes the review comment, disposition, and comment resolution.
  • » RIDM Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The Engineering Guidelines for RIDM posted below are draft versions. They were developed by technical committees consisting of dam owners, engineering consultants, and FERC staff.

  • » Chapter R5 – Concrete Dams - Draft [DOCX] | [PDF]
  • » Chapter R10 – Internal Erosion - Draft [DOCX] | [PDF]
  • » Chapter R19 – Probabilistic Flood Hazard Analysis - Draft [DOCX] | [PDF]
  • » Chapter R20 – Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Analysis - Draft [DOCX] | [PDF]
  • » Chapter R21 – Dam Breach - Draft [DOCX] | [PDF]
  • » Chapter R22 – Estimation of Life Safety Consequences - Draft [DOCX] | [PDF]

We are soliciting comments and input. Please provide your comments by using our Comment Form. For your convenience the Word version [.docx] is saved with line numbering. These Guidelines will remain draft for approximately one year. We will review the comments submitted and make appropriate changes before issuing the Guidelines in final form.

The Guidelines posted at this time are the technical chapters. The policy chapters, which will identify how FERC will make decisions, are still being developed. Once they are ready, they will also be posted as draft versions on this website and be available for comment.

The draft guidelines developed to date are sufficient to implement the pilot program described below. Additional guidelines will be developed over the next few years to provide a complete set of Risk-Informed Engineering Guidelines

Although the FERC has developed draft RIDM Guidelines, the existing deterministic guidelines will remain in place for the foreseeable future. Use of the draft RIDM guidelines in the near term will be on an exception basis.

The FERC is now prepared to begin implementing RIDM on a trial basis. Over the next few years a limited number of projects will be selected, in consultation with the dam owners, to undergo a risk-informed process.

Owners may contact the FERC if they believe their project is a candidate for the RIDM trials. Not all projects that may request to use the RIDM process will be selected as there are a limited number of people with sufficient expertise in use of RIDM in a dam safety context to permit wide-spread use in the near-term.

Any Projects that utilize the RDIM process will be required to meet the following conditions:

  • Application to use the RIDM process and acceptance by the Director of the FERC’s Division of Dam Safety and Inspections

  • Include the FERC in all working meetings related to the RIDM process.

  • Approval by the FERC of the RIDM Facilitator similar to the approval process for Part 12D Consultants.


Updated: February 2, 2016