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Engineering Guidelines for the Evaluation of Hydropower Projects

Emergency Action Plans, Chapter 6 (Final Version)
The Commission has revised Chapter 6 of the Engineering Guidelines on Emergency Action Plans. The chapter incorporates/addresses comments we received from licensees in response to the draft version issued in April-June 2007.

The following table briefly describes the changes to the chapter since the last revision in November 1998:
Pages Section Description of Changes
1 6-1 Modified section to highlight what is in chapter.
2-6 6-2.2 Added new section describing schedules for EAP submittals and exercises.
11-12 6-3.1.8 Added new section on EAP document security.
12 6-3.2.1 Noted that changes to the EAP format should be coordinated with agencies and explained to the Regional Engineer.
15-18 6-3.2.2 I Discussed emergency dispatch centers and revised sample notification flowchart.
17 6-3.2.2 III Added sentence on document security.

19-21 6-3.2.2 IV Added discussion on emergency classifications.  Referred to Non-Failure Emergency Condition as Condition C.
23-24 6-3.2.2 V B Added example emergency message and introduced Incident Command System.
25 6-3.2.2 V C Explained section can reference EOPs.
32-40 6-3.2.2 VII Revised section on inundation maps. Discussed map preparation, content, coordination, updates, and populations at risk.  Included sample maps.


6-3.2.2 App A Revised section on dam break analyses to reference Engineering Guidelines Chapter 2.
43 6-3.2.2 App B Added that training plan should include public education, if appropriate.
45 6-3.2.2 App D Revised “Documentation” section and removed “Approval of EAP” section.



Revised detailed discussions on exercises. Provided orientation seminar requirements and possible discussion topics. Noted that testing emergency equipment should be done once a year and be considered part of the drill. Added methods for conducting tabletop exercises. Discussed scheduling functional exercises.

70 6-4.5 Deleted expenditures section on results from exercises.
71-73 6-5 Added new section on ensuring effective EAPs.
74-75 6-6 Discussed annual requirements for projects exempt from EAPs.
77-78 6-9 Added section on temporary construction emergency action plans.
  Appendices Eliminated dam break parameters since they are found in Chapter 2 of the Engineering Guidelines.
80 App. 6-A Updated FEMA documents/classes.
86 App. 6-C

Made minor changes to evaluation report format.

88-92 App. 6-D Provided requirements for submitting GIS inundation map information to the Commission.
94 App. 6-E Provided Sample Coordination Checklist for EAP Status Reports.

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Updated: February 7, 2012