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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

Industries Electric General Information Electric Market-Based Rates

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How do I get authorization?

Sample MBR XML

You can use a text editor, such as Notepad, to create an .xml file. Standard word processors and other similar software may not work well.

You can use the copy command to copy text from your source tariff file (.rtf, .doc, .pdf, etc.) and paste into the <record_plain_text> field.

Standard short-form MBR tariffs are typically one record, submitted as an .rtf file.

Please do not use your company’s name in your Tariff Title.

Tariff ID and Record ID should always be the same for all of a company’s MBR filings.

Filing ID should be unique for every filing a company makes.

Your proposed effective date should not be before the date of filing.

You need to obtain a binary 64 converter for the binary fields. Binary 64 converters can be found online. These converters will convert word processing documents, including formatting codes, into binary text fields, so your tariff and documents can be displayed properly. Be aware that this will look like meaningless text.

When encoding your attachments and tariff records, set the encoder to UTF-8 character set.