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    Project NameDescriptionCompany NameDocketSub DocketInformationStateRegion
     Because the proposed project would be located on a Reclamation canal and have an installed capacity of less than 5 MW, the Commission would be precluded from issuing an exemption or license for this project.Turnbull Hydro LLCP-14618000Order denying preliminary permitMTNorthwest
     Application for a certificate of public convenience and necessity to construct, own, operate and maintain a high-deliverability salt cavern gas storage facility in Matagorda County, Texas, that will accommodate the injection, storage and subsequent withdrawal of natural gas for redelivery in interstate commerceTres Palacios Gas Storage LLCCP07-90, CP07-91, CP07-92000Order issuing certificatesTXSoutheast
      Appalachian Power CompanyP2210240Order granting rehearingWVSoutheast
      South Carolina Electric & Gas Company516-480 Order granting rehearingSCSoutheast
     For the construction and operation of a liquefied natural gas production facility which Gulf Oil plans to construct in northeastern Pennsylvania in order to convert natural gas produced in the Marcellus Shale play into LNG that will be marketed as vehicular fuel, high horsepower engine fuel, and as a source of supply for certain local distribution company peak shaving facilities will not be subject to the Commission’s jurisdiction under Section 7 of the Natural Gas Act.Gulf Oil Limited PartnershipCP14-132000Notice of petition for declaratory orderPANortheast
     On January 21, 2014, as supplemented on February 20, 2014, National Fuel Gas Supply Corporation and Empire Pipeline, Inc. filed a request for limited waivers of the No-Conduit Rule announced in Order No. 7871, effective December 23, 2013. The Commission grants in part and denies in part the waiver requests, subject to conditions.National Fuel Gas Supply Co & Empire Pipeline CorpRP14-380000Order granting and denying waiversNY, PANortheast
     Filed a joint application under section 7© of the Natural Gas Act requesting: (i) authorization to acquire, operate, and maintain certain natural gas facilities from Gulf South Pipeline Company, LP; (ii) a blanket certificate pursuant to Part 157, Subpart F of the Commission’s regulations; and (iii) waiver of certain regulatory requirements.KKR NR I Mineral Holdings II, LLPCP14-51000Order issuing certificatesDESoutheast
     Trunkline filed an application to abandon by sale to an affiliate4 approximately 770 miles of mainline transmission pipeline and appurtenant facilities from Buna, Texas to the Tuscola, Illinois compressor station, and abandon in place twelve compressor units. The abandonment would reduce Trunkline’s certificated system-wide mainline transportation service level from 1,555 thousand dekatherms (MDth) per day to 958 MDth per day through its Independence, Missouri compressor station, and from 1,109 MDth per day to 920 MDth per day out of the Texas portion of its system through the Longville, Louisiana compressor station.Trunkline Gas Company LLCCP12-491001Order denying rehearingTX, IL, LASoutheast Midwest
     An application for a preliminary permit proposing to study the feasibility of a hydropower project located on the South Pacolet River, in Spartanburg County, South Carolina.Spartanburg Water SystemP-14361000Notice of ApplicationSCSoutheast
     Authorization to construct and operate approximately 8.4 miles of 16-inch diameter natural gas pipeline and associated facilities to enable Texas Eastern to provide up to 112,000 dekatherms per day (Dth/d) of firm lateral line transportation service to the Hot Spring Energy Facility in Hot Spring County, ArkansasTexas Eastern Transmission LPCP10-471000Order issuing certificateARSoutheast
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Updated: October 31, 2014