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    Project NameDescriptionCompany NameDocketSub DocketInformationStateRegion
     Application for a certificate of public convenience and necessity to construct, own, operate and maintain a high-deliverability salt cavern gas storage facility in Matagorda County, Texas, that will accommodate the injection, storage and subsequent withdrawal of natural gas for redelivery in interstate commerceTres Palacios Gas Storage LLCCP07-90, CP07-91, CP07-92000Order issuing certificatesTXSoutheast
     Filed a joint application under section 7© of the Natural Gas Act requesting: (i) authorization to acquire, operate, and maintain certain natural gas facilities from Gulf South Pipeline Company, LP; (ii) a blanket certificate pursuant to Part 157, Subpart F of the Commission’s regulations; and (iii) waiver of certain regulatory requirements.KKR NR I Mineral Holdings II, LLPCP14-51000Order issuing certificatesDESoutheast
     Trunkline filed an application to abandon by sale to an affiliate4 approximately 770 miles of mainline transmission pipeline and appurtenant facilities from Buna, Texas to the Tuscola, Illinois compressor station, and abandon in place twelve compressor units. The abandonment would reduce Trunkline’s certificated system-wide mainline transportation service level from 1,555 thousand dekatherms (MDth) per day to 958 MDth per day through its Independence, Missouri compressor station, and from 1,109 MDth per day to 920 MDth per day out of the Texas portion of its system through the Longville, Louisiana compressor station.Trunkline Gas Company LLCCP12-491001Order denying rehearingTX, IL, LASoutheast Midwest
     The proposed Cave Run Lake Dam Hydroelectric Project would be located on Licking River in Bath and Rowan Counties, Kentucky. The existing Cave Run Lake Dam is administered by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.James R. RobertsonP-12809000Order issuing preliminary permitKYSoutheast
     An application proposing to study the feasibility of hydropower near the town of Tazewell, in Claiborne County, Tennessee.Reliable Storage 1 LLCP-14124000Order issuing preliminary permitTNSoutheast
     An application proposing to study the feasibility of hydropower near the town of Lake City, in Campbell County, TennesseeReliable Storage 1 LLCP-14125000Order issuing preliminary permitTNSoutheast
     A certificate of public convenience and necessity authorizing Port Dolphin to construct, install, own, operate, and maintain a single-use, 5.8-mile natural gas pipeline and related facilities necessary to provide transportation from the proposed Port Dolphin Project, a deepwater port offshore of Tampa Bay, Florida, to interconnections with Gulfstream Natural Gas SystemPort Dolphin Energy LLCCP07-191001Order issuing certificatesFLSoutheast
      Encana Marketing Inc. v Rockies Express PipelineRP14-169001Order granting rehearing for further considerationCOSouthwest
     On May 20, 2014, Humble Gas Pipeline Company filed a request for an additional six month extension of time to submit a rate petition pursuant to section 284.123 of the Commission’s regulations. On January 13, 2014, the Commission granted a six month extension of time allowing HGPC to submit its rate petition up to and including September 1, 2014, extended from March 1, 2014, which was the result of a settlement in PR09-17. HGPC’s May 20 request states that it continues to have drastically decreased transportation activity under Section 311 due to the fire event and subsequent Force Majeure declaration at the King Ranch gas processing facilities.Humble Gas Pipeline CompanyPR09-17003Notice granting extension of timeTXSoutheast
     They propose to construct (in three phases) and operate: (1) looping of its existing pipeline at three locations in New York and Connecticut ("Phase I "); (2) two compressor units at a new compressor station to be constructed in Milford, Connecticut ("Phase 2"); and (3) a second compressor unit in Brookfield, Connecticut | ("Phase 3") to provide the transportation service.Iroquois Gas Transmission System, LPCP07-457 (formerly PF07-7)000Order issuing certificateCT, NYNortheast
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Updated: August 14, 2014