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     For the construction and operation of a liquefied natural gas production facility which Gulf Oil plans to construct in northeastern Pennsylvania in order to convert natural gas produced in the Marcellus Shale play into LNG that will be marketed as vehicular fuel, high horsepower engine fuel, and as a source of supply for certain local distribution company peak shaving facilities will not be subject to the Commission’s jurisdiction under Section 7 of the Natural Gas Act.Gulf Oil Limited PartnershipCP14-132000Notice of petition for declaratory orderPANortheast
     An application proposing to study the feasibility of the Burlington Street Dam Hydroelectric Project No. 14431, to be located at the existing Burlington Street Dam on the Iowa River, near Iowa City in Johnson County, Iowa.Coralville Energy, LLCP-14431000Order issuing preliminary permitIAMidwest
     An application for a preliminary permit proposing to study the feasibility of the Hanover Pond Dam Project (proposed project) to be located on Quinnipiac River, near the city of Meriden, in New Haven County, ConnecticutNew England Hydropower Company, LLCP-14550000Order issuing preliminary permitCTNortheast
     National Fuel seeks authorization to construct and operate approximately 6 miles of 24-inch diameter pipeline in Erie County, New York, install various auxiliary facilities in connection with the pipeline replacement, and abandon approximately 5.75 miles of 22-inch diameter pipeline. National Fuel proposes to perform these activities under its blanket certificate issued in Docket No. CP83-4-000, all as more fully set forth in the application which is on file with the Commission and open to public inspectionNational Fuel Gas Supply CorporationCP14-89000Notice of request under blanket authorizationNYNortheast
     Requesting a certificate of public convenience and necessity authorizing an increase in design capacity of the SESH mainline by 45,000 dekatherms per day; the construction, ownership and operation of a new Dentville Compressor Station, which includes a single compressor (8,000 horsepower), related 0.76 miles of 20-inch piping and appurtenant facilities located in Copiah County, Mississippi; and for rolled-in rate treatment for the project, all as more fully set forth in the application which is on file with the Commission and open to public inspection.Southeast Supply Header, LLCCP14-87000Notice of applicationMSSoutheast
     Rehearing has been timely requested of the Commission’s order issued on January 16, 2014, in this proceeding. Dominion Transmission, Inc., and Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company, L.L.C., 146 FERC ¶ 61,018 (2014).Dominion Transmission, Inc./Tennessee Gas PipelineCP13-545001Order granting rehearingTNSoutheast
     Request for authorization to abandon certain pipeline facilities located in Vermilion Parish, Louisiana and extending into federal and state waters offshore Louisiana. Specifically, Sea Robin seeks authority to abandon in place Line No. 210B-100 16-inch diameter pipe (5.4 miles) and Line 210A-1800 14-inch diameter pipe (0.29 miles), and abandon by removal its T-2 Platform.Sea Robin Pipeline Company, LLCCP14-117000Notice of request under blanket authorizationLASoutheast
      City of Clarksville, TennesseeCP13-508001Order granting rehearingTNSoutheast
     On December 5, 2013, KC Small Hydro LLC (KC Small Hydro) filed an application for a preliminary permit, pursuant to section 4(f) of the Federal Power Act (FPA),1 to study the feasibility of the proposed Scoby Dam Hydropower Project No. 14569 (Scoby Dam Hydropower Project or project) to be located at the existing Scoby dam located on Cattaraugus Creek in Erie County, New York.KC Small Hydro LLCP-14569000InformationNYNortheast
      South Carolina Electric & Gas Company516-480 Order granting rehearingSCSoutheast
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Updated: August 29, 2014