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    Project NameDescriptionCompany NameDocketSub DocketInformationStateRegion
     On March 26, 2014, Questar Overthrust Pipeline Company filed an application, seeking a certificate of public convenience and necessity to construct and operate its Jurisdictional Tap Line 139 Delivery Project to provide up to 60,000 dekatherms (Dth) per day of natural gas service to Simplot Phosphates, LLC’s new ammonia plant in Sweetwater County, Wyoming. This order grants the requested authority, subject to certain conditions.Questar Overthrust Pipeline CompanyCP14-123000Order issuing certificateWYNorthwest
      Panhandle Eastern Pipe Line Company, LPRP12-455 RP12-455002, 003Order on rehearing and compliance filing 
     An application for a preliminary permit proposing to study the feasibility of a hydropower project located on the South Pacolet River, in Spartanburg County, South Carolina.Spartanburg Water SystemP-14361000Notice of ApplicationSCSoutheast
     An application proposing to study the feasibility of hydropower near the towns of Luttrell and Blaine, in Union and Grainger Counties, Tennessee.Reliable Storage 1 LLCP-14123000Notice of ApplicationTNSoutheast
     On June 30, 2014, Dominion Transmission, Inc. filed an application in seeking authorization to abandon 5.9 billion cubic feet (Bcf) of previously leased base gas2 at its North Summit Storage Pool and return it to the lessor; to amend its certificate to allow DTI to replace the returned 5.9 Bcf of leased base gas with an equivalent amount of ‘liberated’ gas3 or purchased gas; to amend the existing lease to provide for the continued lease of the balance of the leased base gas for an additional three-year period; and for pregranted abandonment authority to allow the lease, as amended, to expire by its terms. This order grants in part the requested authorizations.Dominion Transmission, Inc.CP-14-510000Order amending certificatePANortheast
     On February 13, 2014, El Paso Natural Gas Company, L.L.C. filed an application, for authority to abandon by sale two 16-inch diameter pipeline segments, each 42.2 miles long, located in El Paso and Hudspeth Counties, Texas. El Paso states that the facilities are functionally obsolete and no longer needed to provide natural gas transportation service.3 For the reasons discussed below, the Commission will approve the requested abandonment, subject to conditions.El Paso Natural Gas Company, L.L.C.CP-14-83000Order approving abandonmentTXSoutheast
     An application proposing to study the feasibility of hydropower near the town of Sparta, on Wildcat Creek, in White County, Tennessee.Reliable Storage 1 LLCP-14150000Order issuing preliminary permitTNSoutheast
     An application for a preliminary permit proposing to study the feasibility of a hydropower project located on the Ohio River in Mason County, Kentucky.Mayville Pumped Storage, LLCP-14337000Notice of ApplicationKYSoutheast
     Because the proposed project would be located on a Reclamation canal and have an installed capacity of less than 5 MW, the Commission would be precluded from issuing an exemption or license for this project.Turnbull Hydro LLCP-14617000Order denying preliminary permitMTNorthwest
     On March 7, 2014, the City of Clarksville Tennessee filed an application requesting: (1) a limited jurisdiction certificate to construct and operate a natural gas pipeline from an interconnection with Texas Gas Transmission, LLC in Elkton, Kentucky to an interconnection with Clarksville’s distribution facilities northeast of Clarksville, Tennessee; (2) blanket certificate authorization; and (3) waivers of various Commission rate, accounting, and reporting requirements. As discussed, the Commission will grant Clarksville’s requested authorizations, subject to conditions.City of Clarksville, TennesseeCP14-101000Order issuing certificateKY, TNSoutheast
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Updated: January 8, 2015