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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

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Submission and Confirmation

1. Why do I need an EQR Pin Code?
It is an exclusive number which allows the EQR database to accept your filing. Passwords for eFilings are not affected by this PIN Code issuance. This is to ensure that no one else can submit data for your company.

2. Is the PIN Code issued to the Agent or the Respondent?
PINS are usually sent to Respondent companies. If you are a Respondent that has not received a PIN code, email FERC at and request one. Include the name of the entity along with the docket number under which the entity is authorized by FERC to sell power (i.e.: ER00-0000).

3. I have completed filing but how do I know I have filed successfully?
The Respondent and Agent email addresses provided in the Filer ID Data will both receive a confirmation email. Usually the confirmation will be received by the next business day. However, due to filing volume, submissions made on or close to the quarterly deadline can be delayed. If you do not receive an email within 1-2 business days, you should resubmit your EQR during non-peak business hours.

4. With past eFilings, I received a total of three emails; a Notice of Receipt; a Notice of Acknowledgment; and a Notice of Acceptance. After I file my EQR report, is the FERC confirmation email the only acknowledgment I should expect from the system?
Yes. You will receive only one EQR email which confirms receipt of your EQR filing. The edit checks which are done at FERC for eFiling (the first two are automated and the third one is performed manually) are all done on your computer in the EQR system before the EQR file can be submitted to FERC.