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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

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Lack of Data

1. I don't have our customer's DUNS number. How do I find that information?
You can:

  • Call the customer and ask; or
  • Download the EQR submissions of companies that have the same or similar customers and find the numbers submitted by that company; or o research, select the Query TSIN Registry link to search for the company for which you need a DUNS; or
  • Call Dun and Bradstreet. For a fee they will provide the number to you.

The correct format for reporting a DUNS number is a maximum of 9 numerals. No dashes. No slashes.

2. I don't have a Contract Service Agreement ID number to put in fields 20 and 51 of the EQR. What should I do?
If you don't have a FERC-assigned Contract Service Agreement ID to display, you must designate one.

3. Our Contract information does not specify a rate, rate minimum, rate maximum or rate description (fields 34, 35, 36, 37), and yet one of those four fields is required for input in the EQR. What should I do?
If you have Market-Based Rate Authority, enter Market-Based in field 36. Or, if the contract has no specific rate cited for the product or service, you can enter None in that field. If a formula is used, enter it in the Rate Description field.

4. Our Contract information does not include point of receipt or delivery specific locations or control areas. What should I put in those fields?
Fields, 39, 40, 41 and 42, are not required fields. If your contract does not detail the information, leave the fields blank.

5. I don't have any data to report in the Total Transmission Charge field. Why can't I enter N/A?
That field requires a numeric value. If there is no transmission charge to report, enter a 0 (zero) in the field.

6. The Extension Provision Description field in Contract Data is a required field. What do I enter if a contract doesn't have an Extension Provision?
This is a free text field. Enter None or N/A.

7. What can I enter into any Required field when I don't have data for it?
In non-numeric fields, you can enter N/A or Other depending on the field. (Look at the User's Guide or drop-down list in the system to see what is allowed.) However, in the two character Contract and Transaction Time Zone fields you can enter NA. In required numeric fields, enter a zero. In a non-required field, leave it blank.