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Office of the General Counsel (OGC)

Max Minzner, General Counsel
David L. Morenoff, Deputy General Counsel
Christy Walsh, Deputy General Counsel

Maria Farinella, Special Counsel Martin Kirkwood, Special Counsel
Jonathan First, Special Reliability Counsel

Administration & Operations Manager, Parthenia Campbell

Robert Solomon, Solicitor
    Deputy Solicitors:
    Robert Kennedy
    Lona Perry
    Beth Pacella
Energy Markets-1
Lawrence Greenfield, Associate General Counsel
Helen Dyson, Deputy Associate General Counsel
    Managing Attorneys:
    Rita Cohn
    Sarah Crawford
    Michael Haddad
    Tina Ham
    David Maranville
Energy Markets-2
Deborah Leahy, Associate General Counsel
Roshini Thayaparan, Deputy Associate General Counsel
    Managing Attorneys:
    Page Bullard
    John Cohen
    Andrew Lyon
    Debbie-Anne Reese
    Matthew Vlissides
Energy Projects
Jacqueline Holmes, Associate General Counsel
John Katz, Deputy Associate General Counsel
    Managing Attorneys:
    Barbara Christin
    Joel Arneson
General and Administrative Law
Charles Beamon, Associate General Counsel
Vacant, Deputy Associate General Counsel
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Updated: January 28, 2016