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Office of Electric Reliability (OER)

Michael Bardee, Director
Edward Franks, Deputy Director

Administration and Operations Staff
Michelle Davis, Manager

Division of Compliance
Mark Hegerle, Director
Olutayo Oyelade, Deputy Director

    Compliance Group 1, Kevin Wierzbicki, Mgr.
    Compliance Group 2 (HSO), Loye Hull, Mgr.

Division of Reliability Standards and Security
Cynthia Pointer, Acting Director
Cynthia Pointer, Deputy Director

    Standards Group 1, David O'Connor, Mgr.
    Standards Group 2, Kal Ayoub, Mgr.
    Security Group 1 (HSO), Robert Chambers, Mgr.
    Security Group 2, David DeFalaise, Mgr.

Division of Engineering, Planning and Operations
Kent Davis, Acting Director
Vacant, Deputy Director

    Engineering & Planning Group 1, Alfred Corbett, Mgr.
    Engineering & Planning Group 2, Jacob Lucas, Mgr.
    Operations Group, Rich Sobonya, Mgr.

Updated: October 15, 2014