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Office of Energy Projects (OEP)

Ann F. Miles, Director
Michael McGehee, Acting Deputy Director

Energy Infrastructure Policy Group, Ann F. Miles, Advisor
Management and Operations, Chrystal Martin, Assistant Director

Division of Pipeline Certificates, Michael McGehee, Director
John Wood, Deputy Director

    Certificates Branch 1, Richard Foley, Chief
    Certificates Branch 2, Pamela Boudreau, Chief

Division of Gas Environment and Engineering, Terry Turpin, Director
Rich McGuire, Deputy Director

    Gas Branch 1, Shannon Jones, Chief
    Gas Branch 2, Alisa Lykens,Chief
    Gas Branch 3, James Martin, Chief
    Gas Branch 4, David Swearingen, Chief
    LNG Engineering and Compliance Branch, Vacant, Chief

Division of Hydropower Licensing, Vince Yearick, Director
Nicholas Jayjack, Deputy Director

    Mid-Atlantic Branch, John Smith, Chief
    Midwest Branch, Janet Hutzel, Chief
    New England Branch, Robert Easton, Chief
    Northwest Branch, Vacant, Chief
    South Branch, David Turner, Chief
    West Branch, Timothy Konnert, Chief

Division of Hydropower Administration and Compliance, Jennifer Hill, Director
Heather E. Campbell, Deputy Director

    Aquatic Resources Branch, T.J. Lovullo, Chief
    Land Resources Branch, Robert Fletcher, Chief
    Engineering Resources Branch, Kelly Houff, Chief
    Environmental and Project Review Branch, Steve Hocking, Chief

Division of Dam Safety and Inspections, William H. Allerton, Director
David Capka, Deputy Director

    Washington Office, Paul Shannon, Chief

    Atlanta Regional Office, Wayne King, Regional Engineer
      Randal Pool, Branch Chief
      William Brown, Branch Chief

    Chicago Regional Office, John Zygai, Regional Engineer
      Olaf Weeks, Branch Chief
      Michael Davis, Branch Chief

    New York Regional Office, Gerald Cross, Regional Engineer
      John Spain, Branch Chief
      Nicholas Agnoli, Branch Chief
      Prapa Haran, Branch Chief

    Portland Regional Office, Douglas Johnson, Regional Engineer
      Walt Davis, Branch Chief
      Edward Perez, Branch Chief

    San Francisco Regional Office, Frank Blackett, Regional Engineer
      Wing Lee, Branch Cheif
      Gerald Maloney, Branch Chief
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Updated: March 13, 2015