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Office of Energy Market Regulation (OEMR)

Jamie L. Simler, Director
Anna V. Cochrane, Deputy Director

Administration & Operations Staff, Peggy Ford, Manager

    Division of Electric Power Regulation-East

      Kurt Longo, Director
      Dan Nowak, Deputy Director
        East Group 1, Doug Roe, Manager
        East Group 2, Doug Matyas, Manager
        East Group 3, Vacant, Manager
        East Group 4, Michael Isimbabi, Manager
        East Group 5, Walter McDaniel, Manager
        East Group 6, Kristen Fleet, Manager

    Division of Electric Power Regulation-Central

      Penny Murrell, Director
      Michael Donnini, Deputy Director
        Central Group 1, Melissa Lord, Manager
        Central Group 2, Natalie Tingle-Stewart, Manager
        Central Group 3, John Rogers, Manager
        Central Group 4, Vacant, Manager
        Central Group 5, Robert Machuga, Manager
        Central Group 6, Katie Detweiler, Manager

    Division of Electric Power Regulation-West

      Steve Rodgers, Director
      Carlos Clay, Deputy Director
        West Group 1, Annette Marsden, Manager
        West Group 2, Christopher Thomas, Manager
        West Group 3, Amery Pore, Manager
        West Group 4, Melissa Lozano, Manager
        West Group 5, Debra Irwin, Manager
        West Group 6, Vacant, Manager

    Division of Pipeline Regulation

      Nils Nichols, Director
      Monique Watson, Deputy Director
        Pipeline Group 1, Joseph Athey, Manager
        Pipeline Group 2, Robert Fulton, Manager
        Pipeline Group 3, Laura Kane, Manager
        Pipeline Group 4, Jane Stelck, Manager
        Pipeline Group 5, Norma McOmber, Manager
        Pipeline Group 6, Brian White, Manager

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Updated: August 19, 2015